There is something that is so elegant and magnificent about the Emerald Grande located in Destin, Florida. When it comes to the décor, the environment, the beach views, just everything about it is… well just grand.

Thao and Thong chose this beautiful location to renew their love. After being together for 11 years, they held each other hands together in front of their son Taison, family, and friends and reaffirmed their love. Even through rain warnings, harsh winds, and tornado watches, Thao and Thong smiled the day away, enjoying one another and celebrating their love to the fullest. Following the tearjerker of a ceremony, everyone dined on an exquisite meal of lobster bisque, surf and turf for dinner, topped off with a yummy crème brulee for anyone who had a sweet tooth.

I truly believe both Thao and Thong just wanted everyone to have the best time, to enjoy yummy food, good drinks, and dance the night away, which is exactly what everyone did. Seeing Thong dance and laugh with his nine siblings was the absolute best. The children weren’t the only ones though. Seeing Thong’s mom dance with him and her children was everything. I felt that was one of the highlights of my night, the love between the families.

Thao and Thong I absolutely loved being around you and your families, you all were so kind to us and it was such a beautiful day. Thank you for the honor and I wish you many more years.

Much love-