Jana and Alan were a breath of fresh air.  They got engaged, decided to marry right away for themselves, picked a date, bought Jana a plane ticket to Pensacola (where Alan is training with the Navy), called me, and eloped . . . all in a span of ten days.  Alan’s chaplain offered them use of the chapel on base at Corry Station, and they were joined by a handful of good friends and an aunt and uncle who live in Pensacola.  And me.  And that was it.  And it was lovely. These two were so excited to get married – not because of the decorations, or the open bar, or the photos, or the flowers – but because they were just excited to BE married.  Their ceremony was full of laughter (and a few tears).  Once they tied the knot, we drove a few minutes back to our studio, for the prettiest set of bride and groom photos.  I loved the casual ease that Jana and Alan showed with one another, and the warmth they extended to me as well.  It was a perfect afternoon for this Pensacola elopement – glowing golden sunlight and canoodling as the afternoon wore on.

Principal Photographer: Aislinn