What made the wedding venue special?

I absolutely LOVE weddings that take place at a private home. There is just something so warm and personal about them. The house they chose in Seaside was just slightly outside the busier part of town so it felt like we were set apart in a little world of our own. Family and friends were gathered together in the garden, on the porch, and up and down the beautiful grand stairway.

What emotions were apparent on the wedding day?

JOY! When I first arrived at the house, so many friends family members were already there. It was such a tight knit group and everyone was so warm and so happy! Almost every single person had a story about how Ginny and Wally had gone through so much together and how they were so overjoyed that they were able to celebrate this day with them.

Were there any special family moments that stand out to you?

Ginny and Wally not only committed to each other during their ceremony, they also committed to each other’s children. I couldn’t help but get choked up as I watched the love and genuineness that they showed during this moment.PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashley