So first, we need to discuss that Anna and Bobby are obviously adorable.  I mean, seriously - this session was full of laughter and joy, and I could not be more excited about their wedding this December. Second, I want to talk about Classic Sessions.  All of our clients know that we offer them unlimited Classic Sessions in the months leading up to their wedding - these sessions can be used for engagements, bridal portraits, boudoir, whatever!  What makes them different than booking a regular session?  Time and place.  We are lucky enough to run AKP out of a gorgeous studio in a big home in downtown Pensacola's historic district, and we're open for business Monday-Friday, 9-5.  Classic sessions take place in and around our studio, during our business hours!  Sometimes, when people hear "at the studio," they envision something old-fashioned and stiff; but as you can see from this session, our "studio" involves lots of stunning outdoor spaces as well.  The other amazing thing about Classic Sessions is that I offer them as a GIFT to my Signature clients, so there's no cost involved (there's a small cost for our Associate clients, but it's still fantastic value!).

We don't post a lot of non-wedding sessions here because if so, we would literally have more blog posts than days of the year.  I really wanted to post some of my favorites from Anna and Bobby's engagement session to show exactly how beautiful a quick Classic Session can be!

Principal Photographer: Aislinn