On todays blog, Aislinn is sharing some helpful tips to consider when making decisions about getting dressed. Who you want there, where to gown, how long it takes to gown, and if this is a priority to you. Read about it below!


Who do you want to help you slip into your dress?

“In my experience, the Gowning is the moment that wedding-day emotions overflow.  The lead-up to the moment is intense: from dress shopping, to alterations, to selecting the shoes, the earrings, the lipstick shade, the hairpiece - it all crystallizes on your wedding day as you put all of these elements together for the first time.  This is often the first time I see tears on the wedding day, and is almost always the moment that the bride’s nervousness reaches a fever pitch. Think about who you would want around you in this moment, if you do start to feel emotional. The majority of my clients prefer this moment to be a quiet one, and ask to be helped by one or two people who are closest to them.  Decide this in advance, and convey your decision to someone in charge (your coordinator, or your photographer!). It’s one less decision you will be asked to make on your wedding day.”

Where are you going to gown?

“Please involve your photographer in this decision!  This is a beautiful photo opportunity and is my personal favorite moment of the day.  Let your photographer help choose a spot that is both conducive to gorgeous photographs while still being convenient for you in all the wedding day logistical hoopla.  One of the first things I do when I arrive to a getting ready location is to wander the entire property, looking for the right place to gown - somewhere that is both private, photogenic, large enough, and with the perfect light.  Sometimes this is a bedroom, but other times it’s the living room, or even a dining room! At a wedding I photographed in Colorado last summer, we chose a long stone hallway (which involved blocking both ends to prevent random passersby from intruding!).”  

How long does it take to get dressed?

“I generally allow about ten minutes for the actual gown to go on and be fastened.  However, I always ask my brides about their dresses prior to the wedding day because there are certainly designs that are much more intricate - particularly, corset-backed gows that lace up.  You probably have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get into your dress, so make sure you allow enough time!”

Are photos of this moment a priority to you?

“Getting dressed seems like a very pedestrian moment in a day full of grandeur and big events; I find that many of our brides are surprised by how important this time ends up being to them.  Often, it’s the opportunity for your mother to pin on your veil, or for your best friend to help you slip on her earrings as your “something borrowed.” It’s also generally the last quiet moment of the day, and is an opportunity to take a few deep breaths before marching out to the door into the festivities you have undoubtedly meticulously planned.  Make sure you allow time to savor this moment.”