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I was born in Mobile, AL but went to 12 different schools around the country. I met Aislinn in college at Yale and I fell in love her spirit and creativity. I can play a dozen instruments, but none of them well enough to have an agent. I have run a recycling plant, taught high-school geography, and I am pretty good at video games. I love overnight fishing trips and cheesy indie sci-fi movies. I would rather be in the high desert pretty much anytime.

How long have you been working for Aislinn Kate Photography?

Officially, I'm the new guy. Unofficially, I have been giving unsolicited advice to Aislinn since our wedding in 2005.

Favorite part of wedding day?

So, being the bookkeeper (aka dragonkeeper), I am responsible for a number of backoffice functions (aka the stuff that nobody worries about if I am doing my job right).  I do LOVE to go through the unedited photos and I do get glassy-eyed when I see the ceremony images.  I do NOT cry.  If the water stays in the vicinity of the eyeball, then it is NOT crying.

Alpine-Pass-2017-095 (1).jpg

Best tip for brides during planning stage?

The right photographer and the right venue can make the difference.  The day of your wedding will be a blur and I think the BEST investment is the one that will let you relive the moment over and over.

Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?  

Okay, I'm going to answer this for the grooms who happen upon my about page.  It is okay to cry and smile and laugh and dance like a fool and be yourself.  Your significant other is marrying the real you, so let him show up on your wedding day. 

Favorite wedding detail? 

I really enjoy night photos of the reception venue. Some cool market lights or open flame heaters. The different colors of light against the darkness looks great. And, *wink *wink, the AKP photographers are really, really good at the night shots.

Secret talent? 

I can rig up a squid for daytime swordfishing.  It's a gross talent.  Only one of us needs to be good at it.  I got this one.

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

Petting cats.