So, obviously, we talk about downtown Pensacola a lot on this blog (because it’s awesome).  It isn’t huge, so many of our downtown Pensacola weddings showcase the same locations.  Shana and Brad’s wedding was especially fun because it felt different than most weddings I photograph.  Their venues were more unusual, their vibe and aesthetic was a little funkier, and I loved every second of it. From the first moment I stepped into the salon where Shana and her bridesmaids were preparing, I knew I was in for a treat.  Time for truth – usually, when clients are getting ready inside of a salon, I die a little inside because most salons (no matter how cool and beautifully they are designed), aren’t set up with photography in mind.  Window light is normally nonexistent, and there are naturally tons of distractions in the space, which can make it challenging to make gorgeous photos of the bride.  Cobalt Studio definitely broke this rule.  This funky little salon doesn’t even have a sign, is word-of-mouth only, and is tucked unobtrusively into a vintage shopping strip right downtown (seriously, our studio is maybe half a mile away and I didn’t know it existed).  It’s full of vintage mid-century pieces, collectibles, and live plants everywhere.  It was the perfect start.

From the salon, we moved to the Museum of Commerce, which is a uniquely-Pensacola indoor museum, built to look like a Pensacola city street from 100 years ago.  There’s a cable car, working stop light, and antique store facades lining each wall.  Shana and Brad set up tables for their guests under the market lights, and were married against a backdrop of a vintage newspaper printing company.  It was the perfect amount of humor and personality for this couple, who were truly lovely (and incredibly and obviously in love).  Congrats!



COORDINATION: Deona Hooker  //  GETTING READY VENUE: Cobalt and the Pensacola Grand Hotel  //  CEREMONY: Museum of Commerce   //  RECEPTION: Museum of Commerce  //  FLOWERS: Anna Mohrbacher  //  CEREMONY MUSIC: ADJ Connection  // DJ: ADJ Connection  // CAKES: Betty Weber  //  RENTALS: Culinary Production  //  OFFICIANT: Jason Leger  //  HAIR: Cobalt  //  MAKEUP: Lauren Mitchell  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: David’s Bridal //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS SHOP: David’s Bridal  // VIDEOGRAPHY: Ryan Cunningham  //  CATERING: Culinary Production  //  INVITATIONS: Retrocrix (Crixtina)