What do you get when you have fog, a motorcycle, and an evening gown accompanied by a man in a suit who is obviously in love? One happy photographer! Roop and Domenik came correct in so many ways, not only in their attire but their genuineness. I haven’t known these two for that long of a time, but INSTANTLY, I was drawn to the dynamic and love that the two of them share. Throughout our session together, we chatted about their upcoming wedding and even that told me about the kind of people they are. A wedding in the mountains surrounded by their closest family members and friends – that is all the two of them want. Don’t get me wrong - who doesn’t love a big extravagant wedding with all the stops; but a small intimate wedding where everyone knows each other and can truly share in two people uniting their lives into one is such a beautiful picture and can create everlasting memories.

As I photographed them, I can’t count how many times the two of them made each other laugh. They cuddled, they kissed, they laughed, all which brought warmth to my heart. I am so happy to have been able to capture their love and hopefully the essence that the two share. I am sending you two all my love and only wish you the best to your upcoming union. Congratulations - you two have got what it takes!

Principal Photographer: Rachel

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