We are so excited about our impending wedding season we have decided kick it off with our Vendor Showcase series, where we will periodically showcase exceptional vendors on our blog! We know that there are so many fantastic vendors for you to choose from. We want to help you by highlighting the best wedding vendors of the Gulf Coast!

“If you are marrying the person you love and adore, focus on that and let the vendors do their job in bringing the other pieces together. The wedding day will fly by so allowing yourself to experience the joy of the planning and your engagement only adds to the memories that led to the BIG DAY!”

Megan Kennedy | Owner of Megan K. Events

Megan K. Events

  Megan K. Events  | Megan Kennedy Owner of Megan K. Events

Megan K. Events | Megan Kennedy Owner of Megan K. Events

What sorts of services do you offer (day-of coordination, full-service event design or à la carte planning)?

"We offer several planning options in an effort to be a helpmate to clients with varying needs for planning and event visioning. We offer Full Planning for clients who are wanting a planner to be their point of contact for all vendors and to partner with them from the beginning of their planning through the wedding weekend. We offer Limited/Month of Planning for clients who need vendor recommendations at the beginning stages of planning and want to hand over the plans they’ve made towards the last few months before the wedding through the wedding weekend. We offer Day of coordination to include pre-planning meetings for clients who have planned their wedding and want a coordinator to lead their rehearsal and ensure their plan is carried through on the wedding day.

We also offer our Visionnaire Service for planning clients who need help bringing their vision to life. This service is included in Full Planning and can be added for Limited and Day of clients."

How many weddings will you be working on at the same time (day of and throughout the entire process)?

"We limit the number of events we contract per year based on the complexity of the events we have for that year. We have the ability and staff to coordinate multiple events per weekend although whether or not we take on more then one event per weekend is based on the complexity of the weekend’s events as well."

What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?

"We recently planned a wedding with a husband who wanted to surprise his wife with a wedding on their 25th wedding anniversary. When they married 25 years ago, they could not afford the wedding he wanted her to have. When I met the husband and he told me about what he wanted to do for his wife for their anniversary that was 2 years away, I was taken aback. For 2 years we planned an amazing wedding his wife knew nothing about until the wedding day. We arranged for his wife’s best friends and family to be at the bridal shop (many who were from out of town) and the bride and her mom came to the shop where the bride was told that she would be having a wedding that day. She chose her dress, we had a seamstress alter the dress that day while she had hair and makeup done, then she met her husband on a boat where he gave her an amazing new wedding ring and they were whisked away to the waterfront venue. The bride was overcome with emotion as she arrived to the wedding venue to find 100 of her favorite people there to celebrate their wedding and reception. There was not a dry eye (including mine!) as her husband recited vows promising his continued  love and effort to be the best husband to her.

I have never seen anything like what I saw that day; it was such a testimony to how amazing marriage can be and that the wedding is just one day of the years of commitment and love that really is the hope and goal for every couple. It was such an honor to be a part of."

What's your secret for staying calm under pressure?

"Experience. After dealing with situations I could have never expected and figuring out solutions under much pressure and time restraints, I have learned to trust my instincts, my team and my vendors. I have also been so blessed to have mentors that have been in the industry longer than I have and I have learned to ask for help and advice when I need it. When I first started my business, I was often overcome with anxiety days before an event, but with time I have learned that I am well equipped to think quickly, stay calm, and make the decision and move forward with the best plan for that moment. "

What’s your favorite part of wedding day?

"In addition to the grandeur and beauty and sweet moments that occur throughout the day, my favorite part of most weddings is the Bride/Father Dance. Seeing a father cry as he accepts his daughter has been “given away” gets me every time. I often wonder exactly what the dad is thinking and how bitter sweet that moment must be. "

Do you have a dream wedding location you want to plan?

"I would love to plan a wedding at a castle in Scotland. I researched castles there for a wedding years ago and was just taken aback with the beauty of a hillside wedding castleside."

What is the best piece of advice you can give to brides?

"Remember that your attitude and outlook on your wedding is contagious to your spouse and family also involved in your planning. Often times clients lose sight of what is most important to them because they are getting so many opinions from other people. Often time clients try to micromanage every detail which causes stress and takes away from the excitement of the planning. The details, the schedule, the vendors, the logistics, the families, the weather, the bridal party, the design, the guests - these are all secondary to what matters. If you are marrying the person you love and adore, focus on that and let the vendors do their job in bringing the other pieces together. The wedding day will fly by so allowing yourself to experience the joy of the planning and your engagement only adds to the memories that led to the BIG DAY!"

What makes you different?

"We often hear from vendors that our attention to detail sets us apart from others in our industry. We often hear from brides they are choosing us because of our genuine enthusiasm in getting to know them so that we can incorporate details that represent their personalities and relationship into their wedding. "

What is the craziest thing you have seen at a wedding?

"If you really want to know about our craziest moments, come by the office and ask me about Elvis, Benny, and the bathroom trailer…"

How can future brides contact you?

"Call, write, telegram - whatever is most convenient for the client! Clients can call our office at 850.619.1440, email us at megan@megankevents.com or send an inquiry through our website at megankevents.com."

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