I have an enormous soft spot in my heart for rainy day weddings, having had one myself, but an even bigger soft spot for a couple like Lexis and Mark who were not the least bit upset by a little rain on their wedding day.  In fact, not only were they not upset by the rain, they embraced it.  When I suggested waiting a bit for the storm to pass to see if the sun would come out, Lexis sweetly asked if we could just go ahead with portraits in spite of the rain.  Armed with a bevy of umbrellas, we went for it and their ADORABLE portraits under an umbrella were some of my favorites this season (spoiler alert, my favorite pictures from our wedding day were under an umbrella in the rain!!)

Moral of the story?  Just go with it, however the day might unfold.  Every wedding is beautiful, special, and unique, and the unexpected just makes it more interesting.  That dirt on the hem of your dress? It will always remind you of that time you married your person and walked hand in hand down a wet city sidewalk into your future together.

Lexis and Mark, thank you so much for choosing us (and for listening to me reminisce a little).  Cheers to canoodling under an umbrella and never crying over a little rain!




READY VENUE: New World Inn //  CEREMONY: St. Michaels Basilica   //  RECEPTION: 5eleven  //  FLOWERS: Just Judy’s //DJ: Any Day DJ //  CAKES: Bread of Life  // OFFICIANT: Father James Venezuala/Father Jame Grebe  //  HAIR: Salon Allure (Heidi)  //  WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Allure  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: The Bridal Loft  //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS DESIGNER: Allure  //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS SHOP: The Bridal Loft //  GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOPS: Gent’s  //  VIDEOGRAPHY: Written in Film (Josh Stanzia)  //  CATERING: Great Southern