One of the things I like to do at the end of a wedding is recap the day with the second shooter and I always like starting with the event or detail that was their favorite from the day. On the drive home from Kayla and DJ's wedding, I asked Rachel what her favorite part of the day was and she responded with, "the groom's portraits."  I was at first a little surprised because our favorite things tend to be more sparkly most of the time (sorry grooms everywhere!), but my surprise was short-lived.  I asked why that portion of the day was her favorite this time, and she told me that DJ had asked her if she had seen Kayla yet; when she told him she had, with stars in his eyes he replied, "Isn't she beautiful?"  I had to smile because it was so indicative of their relationship.  They met in college and well before they began dating, he went home and told his mom, "I'm going to marry that girl one day."  A few years later, on a warm spring evening under arching southern oaks and encircled by their family and friends, he married that girl – just like he told his mom he would one day.  Sometimes you just know.

Kayla and DJ, if real life could be a fairy tale I am sure your story would be a happily ever after.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this chapter.


ASSOCIATE COLLECTION  //  Principal Photographer: Tiffany  //  Second Shooter: Rachel O.  //  Assistant: Grace


COORDINATION: Lydia Noble – Noble Events  //  GETTING READY VENUE: Airbnb  //  CEREMONY: Bragg Mitchell Mansion  //  RECEPTION: Bragg Mitchell Mansion  //  FLOWERS: Sherryll White  //  CEREMONY MUSIC: Mr. Love //  DJ: Mr. Love //  CAKES: Flour Girls  //  RENTALS: SoHo Events and Rentals  //   OFFICIANT: Keith Williams, Adrian Roberts (family member)  //  HAIR: Angie Varner  //  MAKEUP: Elesia B  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: I Do Bridal //  BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Etsy  //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS SHOP:I Do Bridal // GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: I Do Bridal  // GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOPS: I Do Bridal //  VIDEOGRAPHY: Alex Young  //  CATERING: Lafayette Catering  //  INVITATIONS: Etsy