Remember last week when I wrote about our Classic Sessions. Well, sometimes our clients want to shoot the session somewhere different, and that’s exactly what Kate and Taylor decided.  This gorgeous couple lives on 30A, and they wanted their engagement session to represent one of their favorite places – Grayton Beach State Park.  We spent an absolutely lovely afternoon exploring this very special park.  There were tall coastal grasses, glowing with sunlight (and blooming for the only time all year with an explosion of golden flowers).  We strolled down a nature trail, weaving through a tunnel made of tree roots, lush with undergrowth.  As the sun started to slip below the horizon, the beach was the prettiest shades of blues and blushes and creams.  Kate and Taylor splashed in the surf and canoodled at the foot of the sand dunes, under the sea oats waving in the tall breeze.  In all, a perfect afternoon. But you know what was even better than the scenery at the 30A engagement session?  Kate and Taylor.  They were fun, willing to do anything I suggested (including sitting amidst stickers and sandspurs), and had a great sense of humor.  Kate is lovely and graceful, and Taylor laughed at all my jokes and made plenty of his own.  All in all, I left this session SO EXCITED about their wedding later this year!

Principal Photographer: Aislinn