Judy and Dan’s Mobile engagement session embodies all of the qualities I love about lower Alabama.  We started in a lovely downtown park, tucked away amongst historic homes and soaring live oaks.  As the sun set over the Oakleigh District, Judy and Dan canoodled in the golden light, with coral camellias bursting with color behind them.  Their adorable pup (a Pomeranian puffball named Kisho) frolicked with them, having a grand old time barking at the neighborhood dogs and (I swear), smiling for the camera every time I clicked the shutter. The gentile and languid feel of the garden photos just exemplifies the grace of the South. But the south is more than soft gentility – February brings MARDI GRAS season, and Mobile claims to be the oldest city celebrating the tradition (take that, New Orleans!).  On our drive back to the studio from the park was interesting, as we ran into hundreds of people lining blocked off streets, preparing for the night’s Mardi Gras parade.  After a momentary panic, we embraced the bustle, and finished up our session walking around Dauphin Street, twirling against a backdrop of purple and gold decorations and tons of revelers.  I love the sense of place in the second set of this gorgeous engagement session.

Principal Photographer: Aislinn