Live Oak Plantation is an outdoor wedding venue just outside Pensacola.  It burst onto the scene about two years ago, and has quickly become one of the most popular wedding venues along the Gulf Coast.  Everyone else in our studio has had the opportunity to shoot there, but I personally have been waiting for the chance – and Jenny and Josh’s wedding was finally the one!  I had been looking forward to their wedding for a number of reasons (their awesomely chill personalities, their selection of some of my very favorite other wedding vendors, etc.).  But mostly, I was excited to finally explore Live Oak with a camera in hand and a gorgeous couple in front of me.

Cue the rain.

All week, I watched as the chance of rain went from 90%, to 100%...and it stayed there.  After a decade photographing weddings, I have learned not to stress about weather.  I literally can’t do anything about it, and some of my very best work has happened when I’m forced to improvise due to circumstances outside of my control (like, um, water pouring from the sky all day).   But I was in fact disappointed that instead of getting to gallivant all over the grounds of Live Oak, we would be huddled under the cover we could find and forced into a “make-it-work” situation.

I was wrong.

Much like the Saturday before (April showers and all that), the rain held off all day long, and the first drops fell on my windshield as I drove home at the end of the evening.  Instead, we were given clouds, allowing us not only to explore and utilize the whole property, but to photograph in spots that might not have worked at all in harsh, mid-day sunlight.  The results are wedding pictures that are infused with rich greens and browns of the woods, creamy light that emphasizes Jenny’s beauty, and gentle wind that picked up veils and dresses in all the right ways.

Thank you – to Jenny, to Josh, and to the weather – for teaching me (yet again) that all works out just as it should.

XOXO- Aislinn



PHOTOGRAPHY:  Aislinn Kate Photography // COORDINATION: Donna at Live Oak  //  GETTING READY VENUE: Live Oak Plantation  //  CEREMONY: Live Oak Plantation  //  RECEPTION: Live Oak Plantation  //  FLOWERS: Supposey  //  BAND: I’magene  //  DJ: AnyDay DJ  //  TRANSPORTATION: Good Time Tours  //  CAKES: Betty Weber  //  RENTALS: Supposey  //  OFFICIANT: Justin Oswald  //  BRIDE’S HAIR: Christy Lewis  //  BRIDESMAID’S HAIR: Vibe Inc.  //  MAKEUP: Zoe Rose  //  WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Madeline Gardner  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: Minerva’s Bridal (Orlando)  //  GROOM AND GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOP: The Black Tux  //  CATERING: Classic City Catering  //  INVITATIONS: Minted

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