Once again, this wedding season presented me with a new space to capture beauty.  So many of the homes in Milton have tons of property attached to them, and that’s exactly what Amber and Ashton were able to take advantage of at her mom and dad’s home.  To me, “backyard” weddings are so cool.  It seems to release a little more creative energy than most wedding venues, only because the spaces being utilized aren’t typically used for this type of event at all. The ceremony was held in an area that Amber’s father cleared out and they trimmed a massive overhanging tree to drape.  It framed the ceremony wonderfully and it almost had the feel of being totally in the woods.  The bridesmaids took Amber's father’s classic gold Thunderbird for a small trip on the property to arrive to the ceremony in style.  There was something so pure about the union of these two, and it was heartfelt.  Both of their families were so warm and nurturing.  Amber and Ashton had no problem showing their love for their parents.

The couple didn't need a DJ, as they certainly had friends and family with a talent to MC the festivities of the evening.  Amber’s father gave a speech that was so meaningful, she couldn’t begin to hold the tears back.  The classic T-bird showed itself once again for the couple’s grand exit.  Amber and Ashton’s wedding was a wonderful day!



COORDINATION: Natalie Liongson  //  GETTING READY VENUE: HOME  //  CEREMONY: HOME   //  RECEPTION: HOME  //  FLOWERS: Fiore //  CAKES: Ashley Evers  //  RENTALS: Gulf Coast Tents //  OFFICIANT: Joe Denmon  //  HAIR: Brittany Huggins   // GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: Nixon’s //  CATERING: Nancy’s