What emotions were present on the day of the wedding?

“Elopements are seriously one of my very favorite things to photograph! I love the simplicity and focus of them. Morgan and John decided that they should get married while on vacation with all of their children since combining their families was the most important part of this union. In Morgan’s own words… “John and I met on a dating site but only lived a couple of miles apart. We had probably passed each other at the baseball fields prior to actually meeting as our boys played on the same fields. We have a 12 year age difference but he won me over with his heart. Now we have 5 children! They are 17, 13, 11, 10, and 8… just call us the Brady Bunch!”

Were there any children involved in the ceremony or reception that were memorable?

“Morgan and John’s kids were all present so amazing! Each of them seemed truly joyful to have this new person in their lives. We also had so much fun switching from “formal” portraits to super silly and fun ones. Morgan, John, and each of their kids added their own color of sand to a beautiful keepsake box during the ceremony. It was so beautiful to see them join their families together.”

Did the weather cooperate on the wedding day?

“The skies!!! Oh my goodness, the skies! There was just enough cloud cover to cool things down, create gorgeous color in the sky, and make a perfect backdrop for their Grayton Beach elopement.”

Primary Photographer: Ashley