Having trouble deciding how to dress your groom for your wedding day? It’s not as complicated as you think. Aislinn has some realistic advice for you below!


Does he care?

“The most important question to ask your groom is whether he has an opinion on what he wears at your wedding.  Ask - you might be surprised by his answer! If he cares, then drop everything and work around that! Think of all of the time, energy, and effort you put into selecting your gown, and give him the same respect when it comes to his clothing.  However, if he doesn’t have a strong opinion, then read on for guidance on making some decisions!”

How formal is your wedding?

“I live near the beach in Florida, so I regularly photograph weddings that range from super-casual elopements to very formal ballroom events.  On the beach, it isn’t unusual for the groom to wear rolled up linen trousers and a white button down with the sleeves turned up (and barefoot, obviously).  On the other hand, a wedding at the Yacht Club might call for a white dinner jacket and classic black bowtie. Make sure your vision fits the wedding you’re planning!”

Is your wedding style on trend or classic?

“For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a black tux.  You can make small modifications based on personal taste (Bowtie or windsor tie?  Vest or cumberbund? Which lapel design?), but you know the look will still be in style a decade from now.  On the other end of the spectrum are uber-stylish colored suits. At a recent New Orleans wedding, the groom wore a slim-fit teal suit, a polka dot shirt, and a yellow paisley tie.  It was AMAZING, but definitely wouldn’t work on every man, at every wedding! And of course, there’s lots of room in between the two extremes: I love a good maroon jacket, and navy suits are the rage and for good reason!”

Does he dress up often?

“If your groom loves to dress up, consider purchasing a custom suit for him rather than renting.  Not only will the fit be perfect since it’s tailored just for him, but you can make all the choices and insure it’s exactly what he wants.  Plus, every time he wears it you will remember your wedding day!”

How hot is it going to be?

“Remember that a traditional suit consists of a long-sleeve shirt, a piece of fabric tied around his neck, and a heavy jacket.  If you’re planning a summer wedding outside, take that into consideration! Consider investing in a stylish vest, allowing him to slip off his jacket but still look amazing.”

Do you care if all the groomsmen match your groom?

“If so, be sensitive to different body types and budgets.  Much like bridesmaids’ dresses, there are different styles and cuts to menswear that flatters different people.  If you want the groomsmen to match your groom, then consider choosing a suit that is forgiving to many different shapes.  Likewise, keep in mind that a purchased, tailored suit is going to be significantly more expensive than a rental so be sensitive to what you ask your groomsmen to spend.  In my opinion, it is absolutely okay for the groom to wear a suit that is different than his groomsmen! After all, you’re not wearing the same dress as your bridesmaids, so there is symmetry there that keeps the wedding party looking unified.”