No bride or groom can ever say for sure what their upcoming wedding day will look like. It may be the most beautiful day with rays of sunshine or a hurricane could be stirring in the gulf, you just never know. Although Brittany and Jason's wedding was absolutely stunning... it poured like cats and dogs on their wedding day and even included some scary thunder and lightening at some points of the day. We, fortunately, had one or two pockets of time where no rain fell and got some sweet gorgeous photos of the newlyweds, but no matter how hard we wished for it... there was no golden hour. I had the absolute pleasure though, to come back a few weeks later after their honeymoon (back to Brittany's parents home where she put on that gorgeous white dress not too long ago - you should see their home IT'S GORGEOUS) and had the most prettiest session in that last hour of sunlight! The sun beamed through the trees, the weather wasn't too hot and not too cold, and Brittany and Jason looked stellar! They were so relaxed, laughing and canoodling - I had the best time with the two of them!! It was a beautiful session with the most breathtaking sunset... just perfection. 

Principal Photographer: Rachel- AKP Associate Photographer