First looks bring out all the emotions and tears! Getting to be part of a first look is truly an honor. Of course we are there to capture the memory in pictures, but being invited into such an intimate moment between the bride and groom or the bride and her father… my heart…. cue the tears. While photographing weddings, one of my favorite things to ask the couple about is how they think the first look is going to go. The normal reply is “lots of tears!” and they are right, every time. The anticipation of getting to see your future spouse before you say your vows, to have that private moment with them before the ceremony is truly such a special moment. If asked, I recommend that every couple do a first look! The moment is one you’ll cherish forever, promise.

Don’t cry too hard while looking through these special moments! AKP couples, thank you for allowing us into such a heartwarming part of your day. Below is a list of who is featured in this post.