What is a Classic Session?

“A Classic Session is any pre-wedding session photographed in and around the AKP studio in downtown Pensacola, during our regular business hours (M-F, 9-5).  While we do photograph engagement, bridal, and boudoir sessions for independent clients (meaning those who aren’t using AKP for their wedding photography), Classic Sessions are available exclusively for our wedding clients.”

What can I use a Classic Session for?

“Just about anything!  The most common types of sessions are engagements, boudoir, and bridal portraits - but we have had wedding clients book a Classic Session for their family portraits, business headshots, and pets as well!”

What do you mean when you say it has to be shot “in and around” your studio?  

“The AKP studio is inside a large, historic home on a corner of Pensacola’s downtown.  It features a huge wrap-around porch (complete with a swing and rocking chairs, of course!), a lush garden, and is located on a block that features giant live oaks, beautiful cottages, picket fences, and more.  For an engagement session, we typically start on the porches and in the AKP gardens, then head for a walk around the neighboring blocks for some variety. For bridal and boudoir sessions, we use the inside space, which is white and bright and full of windows!”

Okay - I’m sold!  How many Classic Sessions can I schedule?

“As many as you want!  Some of our wedding clients don’t want any pre-wedding sessions, and some schedule three or four.”

What if I want to schedule an engagement session, but I want to shoot it somewhere else (like the beach, or my home)?

“We can absolutely do that!  We charge a small location upgrade to shoot the session in a different location.”

-Aislinn, AKP Owner