Getting ready for your wedding can be overwhelming - all the heartfelt emotions of the last minute details, everything FINALLY coming together for you to marry the love of your life! Super exciting but also So. Many. Emotions.

Thank goodness for your girlfriends, am I right?! The getting ready part of the wedding day is one of the most special parts for you and your girls, bonding over champagne, hair, makeup, loud music and dancing! Whether you have known these girls since you were little, or met in college, something drew you to them and they have now become a part of the biggest day of your life so far! These are memories you will cherish forever.  

In this blog, we are celebrating our girls and the friendships that make the world go round! Hug your girls and maybe send them a little note today to remind them how special they are!

Special thanks to the amazing AKP couples whose weddings are highlighted below.  Check out the complete list at the bottom of this post.