ba•sics a•bout ash•ley

How long have you been in the photography business?

Almost 15 years! Wow. That’s a whole lot of joy that I’ve gotten to see!

Favorite part of wedding day?

I really love those few minutes right after the couple is announced to the guests as MARRIED and walk down the aisle together. Watching the joy on their faces as they enjoy a few quiet seconds together is the best!!!


Best tip for brides during the planning stage?

With so many opinions flying around, please know that it is absolutely ok to politely decline others “suggestions.”  This special day is for you and your love – make it what you’ve dreamt of and feel amazing about it!

Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?

It will all be perfect because you are marrying your love! Surround yourself with the people you love and don’t hesitate to ask others to handle the details. They are there because they love you and want you to be relaxed and free to soak it all in.


Secret talent?

I’m a rapper. True, it’s mostly in the car when I’m alone… but I’m pretty sure Jay-Z is going to call soon and ask to collaborate. I’ll let you guys know about first before it drops.

Dream location to photograph a wedding? 

The Seychelles on the eastern coast of Africa.

Favorite wedding detail? 

All of them. Everything has meaning and it’s so fun to learn things about the bride and groom by observing what they chose to surround themselves with on their wedding day.

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

Music. Listening to music, discovering new music, going to see live performances in small venues, all of it. If traveling is involved, all the better!