ba•sics a•bout a•my

I'm Amy! When I am not holding a camera you can usually find me floating in the gulf with my Airpods in listening to 70's pop searching for dolphins!


How long have you been in the photography business?

I’ve been playing around with a camera since high school but I have been professionally using a camera since early 2018 when I joined the AKP team, so for about 9 years now!

Favorite part of wedding day?

I love when brides do a first look with their dad. Something about that moment really touches my heart and I hide tears behind my camera almost every time.


Best tip for brides during the planning stage?

Don’t stress about the things you can’t control (or anything for that matter). Your day will be perfect no matter what and stressing about things, especially out of your control is a waste of headspace. This is a day of joy and celebration and should feel that way throughout the whole process!

Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?

RELAX and be JOYFUL! Being present in the moment is super important and will make for more natural pictures.


Secret talent? 

This isn't really a talent BUT I collect pigs. Yes, you read that correctly, pigs. I have been collecting pigs since middle school so I have a pretty nice collection that gets new additions ALL the time! If I could adopt a tiny pink pig, my life would be complete.

Dream location to photograph a wedding?

This totally sounds cliche but Disney World for sure. But not just anywhere in Disney - definitely has to be in front of Cinderella's Castle. Horse-drawn carriages, first dances with Mickey and Minnie, Mickey shaped desserts. The dream....

Favorite wedding detail?

FLOWERS! I love a wedding with over the top florals everywhere you look. The things you can do with flowers alone to decorate your day is pretty cool. Photographing floral arrangements during the reception with sparkly lights behind them… pure magic!

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

I am always in the water somewhere when I’m not working. Beach, pool, a spring, the river, anywhere. The beach is my favorite though! There is so much to explore in the Gulf and I love to go free-diving out on the reefs. You always see something new and exciting! Sea turtles and dolphins are my favorite to interact with while diving. Dolphins excite me like nothing else ever could. Their joy and playfulness is adorable and they are definitely my spirit animal.