ba•sics a•bout ais•linn kate

I’m Aislinn!  I was born in NYC, grew up in Texas, went to college in Connecticut (go Yale!), married my college sweetheart in Atlanta, started this company in Savannah, and moved to Florida (by choice!) in 2009.  My husband Drew and I are about to celebrate our 13-year anniversary, and we're cheered on by our two kids (a mud-covered, guitar-playing, 11-year-old boy, and a pig-tailed, puzzle-loving seven-year-old girl).  I love the beach but am scared of the water, love the outdoors but hate to sweat, and love chocolate cake but am sad when my pants get too tight.
How long have you owned Aislinn Kate Photography?
I started the company in 2008.  Since then, I have:
  •  clicked the shutter release on my cameras well over a million times
  • shot weddings in seven states and three countries
  • fallen in the water while shooting once (we saved the camera!)
  • opened a gorgeous studio & office space in pensacola's downtown historic district (come visit!  we have wine!)
  • learned the play the guitar
  • gone through six camera bodies (those million clicks wear them out!)
  • grown my hair out (twice) and chopped it all off (twice)
  • shot weddings during a flood, a hurricane, a tropical storm, and 200% humidity (not really 200%, but those of you on the Florida coast FEEL ME, right?)

What is the best part about owning the studio?

I love being in complete control of my working environment.   Our physical space is bright, clean, cheerful and calm.  The people who work with me are energetic, kind, talented and have become friends as much as they are employees.  Our clients are funny and passionate and have great taste.  

Favorite part of wedding day?

The 30 minutes between the bride finishing hair and makeup and being fully dressed.   There is something about the actual, physical “getting dressed” that makes it all seem real.  That’s when true emotion (joy, fear, nervousness, excitement) starts to manifest.

Best tip for brides during planning stage?

Give yourself the freedom to obsess over every detail, but in return promise yourself that on your actual wedding day, you will let everything go.  At that point, what can be planned will have already been planned (and if it isn’t, then it’s not that important).  You are surrounded with people who love you and want to support you – let them worry about why Aunt Sally is late.  Smile, laugh at the things that go wrong (because they will make the best stories later), and do your best to be kind to everyone around you.  Also, wear a long veil and pretty shoes to make your photographer happy!


Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?

LAUGH!  At yourself, at us, at your mom, at the florist who brought you peonies instead of garden roses (the horror!), at everything!  You will feel more confident, look happier in photos, and the imperfections we see in ourselves in photos disappear if we are laughing (I don’t know why, but it’s true!).

Favorite wedding detail? 

Lighting!  String up market lights or white twinkle lights – twice as many as you think you will need.  They make the background of every photo look magical.  

Favorite moment of your own wedding?  

Being announced into our reception and having all of our guests stand and clap.  We got married relatively young, and our wedding was only the second or third that I had ever been to as an adult.  I wasn’t expecting applause and the love and support it symbolized brought me to tears.

Secret talent? 

I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order . . . in 16 seconds (#truth).  I am also really good at closing the door to the laundry room and pretending Mt. Wash-more doesn’t exist.

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

Singing, playing music (poorly), and hanging out in my living room with good friends.  Be warned: if you give me a cocktail (or three), I WILL force you to listen to me perform a one-woman guitar concert featuring the greatest hits of Jewel and Taylor Swift.  Sometimes my husband joins in (he plays for real).  Sometimes he just laughs.