ba•sics a•bout ka•tie

I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida and love the water.  I spent a few years in Louisiana, graduating from LSU and working in the film business.  Movies are awesome!  I needed a few more beach days in my life, so home it is!
What is your job at AKP?
Studio Manager / Optimistic Lyricist.  Seriously, I am the one responsible for keeping all of the photographers in line - as if that's even possible.  Also, you will be speaking with me in regards to scheduling a shoot or meeting of any kind.  Along with Aislinn, I help manage our blog and social media, submit to various wedding blogs and magazines, create and design our wedding albums, and manage numerous studio tasks that allow the team to stay organized and on schedule!  Oh, and I also wrangle cats on occasions.  Yep, that's right: Katie the Cat Wrangler.

Favorite part of wedding day?

"Introducing for the first time..."

Best tip for brides during the planning stage?

ENJOY the process, because it is beautiful and exciting and nothing compares.



Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?  

Be mindful, but don't try too hard for the poses. Moments matter.

Secret talent? 

I can recite the entire A Few Good Men "You can't handle the truth" speech by Jack Nicholson for no reason whatsoever.

Favorite wedding detail? 

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

Creating short, fun and eclectic videos that translates all the feels for me in my life at that moment. 

Dream wedding location?



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