ba•sics a•bout be•cky

I was born and raised in central FL, went to college in Philadelphia, made my way through most of my 20s in Philadelphia and San Diego, and now live in beautiful Pensacola!  I'm a proud new puppy momma to Penny the golden retriever.  I have a background in chemistry and genetics, but let's be honest, photography is much more fun.  I love coffee in the morning, sitting on my back porch, playing with my pup, and taking pictures of everyone who will let me. 
How long have you been working for Aislinn Kate Photography?
I have been assisting and second shooting for Aislinn and Bailey since the beginning of 2014 and have been loving every minute of it. 

Favorite part of wedding day?

My favorite part of the day to photograph is a first-look. I love the anticipation and the nerves (even I get's amazing).  I am also a sucker for vows;  I will smile, cry, and take pictures simultaneously at your wedding if you write your own vows.




Best tip for brides during planning stage?

Choose things you both LOVE and are comfortable with.  Pick a dress you can dance in and photographers you like being around. For purely selfish reasons, I would also like you to choose a killer bouquet (they're my fave...I'm still talking about some from last year).  

Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?  

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Genuine smiles make the most beautiful pictures.  Having a groomsman who didn't try on his suit before the wedding day (pants at least 8" too short...true story) only makes for more perfect memories. 

Favorite wedding detail? 

 I'm going to mention the bouquet again.  I just LOVE them. Simple bridesmaids bouquet and simple centerpieces pair great with a bright, special bridal bouquet.  

Secret talent? 

I wish this section was filled with my art, musical, and athletic talents.  Tis not the case.  I am a perfect trivia team member - I will handle anything pop-culture or science related  (you'll have to find another team member for history or sports...). I can also juggle.  This could come in handy if your first dance music stalls...juggling photographer to the rescue!

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

Spending time with family and friends (cheesy as that sounds).