ba•sics a•bout bai•ley

I've been going by Bailey for almost 24 years now.  I’m a May Day baby!  I’m the middle of three girls (bless my dad’s heart!), with whom I’ve grown up traveling the world.  So far, I’ve been lucky enough to call five southern states and the tiny island of Guam my home!
How long have you worked for Aislinn Kate? 

I changed my first set of batteries, wheeled the first camera bag around, and modeled for test shots for the first time on Saturday, February 16, 2013.

What's the best thing you've learned from her?  

Gosh, this one's hard!  What hasn’t this lady taught me?  I often find myself saying the last two years with Aislinn has been like a school itself.  From the brain of the camera body, to my role as a professional on the wedding day, I have no shame in admitting she has taught it all to me – and I'm still learning!



Favorite part of wedding day?

The recessional - right after being pronounced husband and wife, and the bride and groom turn to their guests (to exit) - it's rare you witness happier expressions.  I get the chills every time!

Best tip for brides during planning stage?

Trust your vendors!  Everyone has a vision of their “dream wedding” (including me!) - but I’ve noticed over the years how easy it can be to have trouble “letting go” after a certain point in the planning process of your wedding.  We, as vendors, LOVE inspiration and an idea of your own personal taste, but I personally have found that I tend to deliver my “strongest” work when I am given the permission to let my creative juices flow.  :) 

Best tip for brides on their wedding day (for great pics)?

Let it go, really! As a bride, there are enough nerves and anxiety building about walking down the aisle in a few short hours.  This is why we take the time (usually about a month out) to sit down with our clients to create a schedule of the day.  We create a list of the formal family portraits as well as the "must-take shots" (if any!). We aren't going to forget those, we promise! When it comes to the wedding day, you've already hired who you have hired.  Enjoy the best day of your life!


Favorite wedding detail? 

Letters to each other on the wedding day.  I believe it's safe to say the tears on both sides of the camera are always rolling for this one - so sweet!

Secret talent? 

I'm ambidextrous!

Favorite non-photo-related hobby?

Anything to do with water, road-tripping, and hanging with my miniature poodle, Brady.